Internal FENCING

If you need to divide your warehouse or factory floor into different sections, secure an area for maintenance or quarantine, then Chainlink Fencing is ideal. Common fences of this type are 2100, 2400 or 3000mm high with top and bottom rails. Posts are bolted down to the concrete slab securely, top and bottom rails are attached with quality fittings and the mesh is laced to the rails. Access is provided through sliding or swinging gates.

Why Choose Us?

  • Greenbay was established in 1985 and is in the market, supplying the best workmanship and material quality in all aspects of fencing.
  • Over the past few years Greenbay has done most of the big fencing contracts in South Africa including the majority of mines and construction firms as well as serving big brand companies, both domestic and industrial.

Internal Fence Enquiry